A LaTeX template for thesis, dissertations and similar monograph-like documents

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Table of Contents

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The novathesis” LaTeX template is an Open Source project for writing thesis, dissertations, and other monograph-like documents, which…

This work is licensed under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c. To view a copy of this license, visit the LaTeX project public license.

Getting Started

With a Local LaTeX Installation

See below for alternatives to a local LaTeX installation

See “minimal installation” for instructions on how to build/use a minimal installation of LaTeX (<100 MB vs. 5GB for tex-live), which is just enough to compile the template successfully

  1. Download LaTeX:
  2. Download “novathesis” by either:
  3. Compile the document with you favorite LaTeX processor (pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX):
    • The main file is named “template.tex”.
    • Either load it in your favorite LaTeX text editor or compile it in the terminal with latexmk -pdf template. If you use a LaTeX text editor, please notice that the NOVAthesis template uses biberand not bibtex to process the bibliography, which means that most probably you have to open the Editor Preferences and somehwere (depends on the Editor) chage bibtexto biber.
    • If Murphy is elsewhere, LaTeX will create the file “template.pdf”, which you may open with your favorite PDF viewer.
  4. Edit the files in the “Config” folder:
File Contents
0_memoir.tex Options specific for the memoir package. Don’t touch this file unless you know what you are doing!
1_novathesis.tex Configure the template, i.e., the document type, the school, etc.
2_biblatex.tex Configure the bibliography.
3_cover.tex Configure cover contents (e.g., author’s name, thesis/dissertation title, advisers, committee, etc)
4_files.tex Configure the the files for chapters, appendices, annexes, etc…
5_packages.tex Configure additional packages and commands
6_list_of.tex Configure the lists to be printed (table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, list of listings, etc). Don’t touch this file unless you know what you are doing!
9_nova_fct.tex Configuration specific to nova/fct
9_nova_ims.tex Configuration specific to nova/ims
9_nova_itqb.tex Configuration specific to nova/itqb
9_ulisboa_fmv.tex Configuration specific to ulisboa/fmv
9_uminho.tex Configuration specific to uminho (all schools)
  1. Recompile de document:
    • See 3. above.
  2. You’re done with a beautifully formatted thesis/dissertation! 😃

With a Remote Cloud-based Service

See above for using a local installation of LaTeX

NOVAthesis v6.5.3 is available as an Overleaf template. Just select open as template and follow from step 3 above!

  1. Download the latest version from the GitHub repository as a Zip file.
  2. Login to your favorite LaTeX cloud service. I recommend Overleaf but there are alternatives (these instructions apply to Overleaf and you’ll have to adapt for other providers).
  3. In the menu select New project->Upload project
  4. Upload the zip with all the “novathesis” files.
  5. Select “template.tex” as the main file.
  6. Follow from step 3 above

Getting Help

Problems and Difficulties

Check the wiki and have some hope! :smile:

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, ask for help in:

The GitHub Discussions page and the Facebook page are the right places to ask for help and support! Please don’t try to contact me directly for questions or support, by email or any other channel! I will not answer such requests…

Suggestions, Bugs and Feature Requests


This template is the result of hundreds (yes! hundreds) of hours of work from the main developer. If you use this template, please be kind and give something back by choosing at least one of the following:

  1. Cite the NOVAthesis manual in your thesis/dissertation. Just use \cite{novathesis-manual} (the correct bibliographic reference, as shown below, will be added automatically).

           title        = "{The NOVAthesis Template User's Manual}",
           author       = "João M. Lourenço",
           organization = "NOVA University Lisbon",
           year         = "2021",
           url          = "https://github.com/joaomlourenco/novathesis/raw/master/template.pdf",
  2. Make a small donation. We will keep a list thanking to all the identified donors that identify themselves in the “Add special instructions to the seller:” box.

  3. Give the NOVAthesis project a star in GitHub by clicking in the star at the top-right of the project’s home page.

List of Supported Schools


Although the template goes far beyond the cover… some covers from the supported schools are is display below.



These are not official templates for FCT-NOVA nor any other School, although we have done our best to make it fully compliant to each School regulations for thesis/dissertation presentation.

All contributors, both sporadic and regular, are welcome. :) Please contact me to join the team.

Word Templates

If you are here looking for the (deprecated) Word templates (not maintained anymore), please go to this other repository.